Make Unlimited Free PC to Mobile Calls Anywhere In The World

Free calls, this is one of the most searched keyword on internet and most end up in you paying some amount to the service to use it and finally believe that nothing in the world comes for free. But here is your pick for free calls all around the globe. This service can be used to call any where in the world but all calls can last only seven minutes. There is no restriction on the number of calls made so that makes it unlimited service.

All you should have is a Yahoo Messenger recommended to be latest, headphone with mic and internet connection (Broadband or DSL recommended).


How to make unlimited calls from PC to Mobile anywhere in the world for free?

Step 1: Install Latest Yahoo Messenger on your PC. Make sure that your messenger is Yahoo Messenger with Voice.

Step 2: Sign up to your Yahoo Messenger once successfully installed. Make sure your headphone and mic is connected to the PC and properly configured. If you have any problem in this click here. 1

Step 3: In Yahoo Messenger dial +18003733411 and Press Enter.

Step 4: A new window pops out and an automated voice response greets you to the FREECALL service. This service is providing free call facility in return of hearing their voice advertisements. As guided by the voice assistant you finally hear a menu where you will asked to say “FREE CALL” to select the free call option. Make sure you tell FREE CALL loudly and clearly as it may prompt you for multiple attempts of input if it could not make out what you said.

Step 5: After the voice advertisement is finished playing you will prompted to enter the phone number prefixed with the country code first (91 for India). Once this message is finished dial your number with the country code on the number pad that can be obtained by clicking the button located in the left side of the hold button(circled in the image below).


Step 6: DONE! That your free telephone configured on you PC, the call will get disconnected after 7 minutes. You can connect to same or different number any number of times and that makes it truly UNLIMITED. If you happen to hear a message that all lines are busy then do try after sometime.

TIP: You can also try Skype as it provides free calls to toll free numbers in US. Dial the same number and do as above.

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