This is from an email I sent to some people I worked with in the past. Many of them use an ssh tunnel to connect to their Windows Desktop, which is sometimes hard for people to get all the steps correct, since the common way they accomplished it was using Plink from the PuTTY suite and using the command line to create the tunnel, then using Remote Desktop (RDP) to connect to the Windows desktop through the tunnel. Here is what I wrote them:

I took a look at Tunnelier and it actually looks pretty nice and not too hard to setup.

After installing and launching, here is how I configured it to Remote Desktop into lajolla. To Remote Desktop to your computer, you would use your computers IP address instead of lajolla’s (

Login setup: added host and username
Tunnelier Login Screen

Options: Unchecked SFTP (which is like WinSCP and checked Remote Desktop)
Tunnelier Options Screen

Terminal: Change Target Host to (or your desktop IP)
Tunnelier Terminal Screen

When you log in, you get a prompt,
Terminal Prompt
and Remote Desktop opens up automatically.
Remote Desktop Login

You can save the profile, then launch it just by double clicking the shortcut and the profile loads automatically, then click on login, and you are set. Much more GUI (graphical user interface) of a way to tunnel, then PuTTY, which may be good to some. It also saves steps once set up, as it automatically launches Remote Desktop. Interesting find.

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