10 Google Chrome Extensions to double your productivity

If you’re a webmaster / blogger, its very likely that you’re FireFox lover like millions out there, but its also a fact that there are people romancing with Google Chrome amidst all this. I’ve been trying Chrome for sometime now and honestly its impressive. But something was not quite right with Chrome, or may be everything was too perfect. And recently Google added the extensions feature which opened up a whole new world of opportunities. With all these great extensions Chrome is as good as FireFox or even better sometimes. Check these extensions out and you’ll love it.


1. Access all you Google Tools with one single button


If you’re the “awesome” type of blogger, then you’d have all the Google apps in your browser. Gmail, Reader and all that. And if your browser is crowded with extension buttons, this is the extension that will save you a lot of clicks, time and clutter. One button for all.


2. Shorten URLs with one click while you’re browsing


With all the social networking frenzy, you never run out of short URLs. You deal with them daily. And this extension makes it easy for you to shorten any URL you’re browsing right from the browser with a click, and that too the format.


3. Arrange your tabs vertically – save space and clicks !


If you’re anything like me, there would be at least a 25 tabs open in the browser anytime of the day. This chrome extension arranges all the tabs that are open in your browser vertically. Ah ! Thank god we have this now.


4. Get alerted when a new item is posted in your RSS subscriptions


If you’ve lot of RSS feeds subscribed to in Google reader and keeps a Google Reader tab open all the time, this extension will save that one tab and the frequent visits there to check for new updates. It shows a button that sits right in your browser window that pops up when a new item is posted to your RSS feeds.


5. Store snippets of information for daily use anywhere on the web


This extension lets you store customized snippets of text/information like username / password or just about anything that you can use repeatedly anywhere on the web. Saves a lot of time typing.


6. Get a bunch of SEO stats for any webpage, anytime in one click


If you’re the blogging/webmaster type, because of your curious nature you’d digg for SEO stats of those interesting websites you come across. This extension helps you get the basic SEO stats of any webpage in one button click. Stats include IP address, Host country, Alexa rank, Google Page Rank etc.


7. Save visits to Wikipedia and Dictionary, get word meanings on mouse hover


While searching for information you come across a lot of words which you wish you knew meaning of. And you often visit Wikipedia or not to mention the hours you spent searching for stuff there. Now save on all that by getting to know the meaning of words right above them while you hover the mouse over.


8. Get advanced SEO stats of any webpage in one click


You’ll love this extension if you’re an SEO. This chrome extension gives you access to a full bunch of detailed SEO statistics like number of pages indexed on various search engines, Backlinks on other search engines, Traffic and ranks etc. To get this data otherwise, you’ll have to spent a lot of time and energy researching and collecting data.


9. Run Internet Explorer inside Google Chrome


Feeling nostalgic or trying a cross browser compatibility test ? No need to open that ugly thing again ? Using this chrome extension you can open any webpage in IE right inside Chrome.


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