Free Internet Trick Telkomsel with Ip Scanner

This trick especially for those who use Telkomsel Flash!

The basis of this system is to find gretongan IP address & port that is open on Flash Telkomsel network. When we connected with FLASH Telkomsel network, each of us is given a unique IP Address. Because the use Telkomsel Flash is there are thousands, even millions of people, we could use the IP Address of others to be able to connect to the internet, and because we are just "passengers", then we will not be charged aka FREE!


Previously prepared a cup of coffee / tea warm, trusss

1. Connect the network with T-Flash
username & password: (blank)

2. The next network scan process to find IP address & port that can be "boarded". We can only manually scan with Command Prompt (CMD) on Windows, but really old boss,. For convenience, we can use various software to scan the network. Software used is IpScan - 3.0 (requires JavaRuntimeEnvironment / JRE 5 and above). You can find this software through GOOGLE.COM
3. Kalo uda dapet IP Address & port that is open, change your browser settings network with IP address & port that you dapet earlier. How to return:
>option>>advanced>>network>>setting" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">* Through Firefox: tools- options- advanced- network- settings
>internet option>>connections>>LAN setting" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">* Through the Internet Explorer: tools- internet options- connections- LAN settings
* Through Opera: xory dori str0beri, I krg tau, hehe (grinning m0de 0n)

NOTE: There is an easy way menggnti browser settings, we can use the software proxy switcher (also can be found in GOOGLE)

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