Tricks of Saving Bandwidth Quota and Browsing Faster with Slipstream

Slipstream is a Software To Save Quota connection bandwidth and speed for dial-up 10x faster, faster 5x broadband and GPRS up to 8x faster. This is because Slipstream uses compress and uncompress accelerate data that makes the Internet connection is faster and Save bandwidth.

* To accelerate compress and uncompress data
* To accelerate speed web browsing, sending and receiving emails
* Compress the data to make your internet speed increases;
a. Dial-up up to 10x faster
b. Broadband up to 5X faster
c. GPRS up to 8X faster
* Compatible on Windows PCs, Machintosh, and PocketPC (PDA)
* Working on all the network access the Internet (ISP) in the whole world
* It is important for Quota-based Internet client data; download data up to 10x more
* Internet-based time; at a cost of Rp / s same download more data and more quickly
* Save bandwidth, bandwidth efficient

Download Slipstream >>>> Here

Download Slipstream Account >>>> Here

To use or check that your browser has been using Slipstream:
Internet Explorer: click tools - internet options - connections - lan settings
Firefox: Tools - options - advanced - settings
Opera 9: Tools - preferences - advanced - network - proxy server
HTTP Proxy: Port 5400

Good try, and Feel the difference after using this Slipstream ...


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Anonymous said...

thank u username nya!

Muhammad Ridhoi said...


NUNO BAND said...

slipstream account
ini username sama pass buat akun di slipstream

Silakan pakai salah satu
Username: trkVyGDMFK
Password: 76664613

Username: trf8tKjvhG
Password: 43392161

Username: trB6dXsBnG
Password: 96723686

Username: trfvdpH2hC
Password: 43721997

Username: trVyDzekSV
Password: 41637953

Username: tr7neEcZR2
Password: 86125449

Username: trSrvysGyp
Password: 24487753

Username: tr4tegSXrq
Password: 94366429

Username: trhzZc1Z5r
Password: 37871328

Username: tr65UXYhzu
Password: 26244938

Username: trVFGJvFdt
Password: 33769661

Username: trMgtJCsWC
Password: 25538712

Username: trB17bNsqC
Password: 43322476

Username: trDmDDfvS4
Password: 34334648

Username: trYZUQN3Tx
Password: 82781446

Username: trsCYqH5ZL
Password: 94423949

Anonymous said...

tidak satu pun yang bisa.....aneh
mohon guidancenya dikirim ke email : thanks

Anonymous said...

gak bisa semua bro.....

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