LEARN SEO : Influence of the number of pages to google pagerank

This ARTICLE is a continuation of the writings on the google pagerank before. Where is the PageRank algorithm has an influence on some aspects of the website that we created. I will try to discuss this time is the influence of the number of pages from a website on google pagerank.
Earlier return to note is, PageRank is determined for each page of the accumulated PageRank is directly proportional with the number of pages (with a record of websites do not get a Contribution to / from other pages). Why do I bold and underline? This variable is important because of the influence of the concept of this page and will be discussed below.

From here we can conclude each additional page will also increase the accumulated PageRank of the website. For value-per-page (not the accumulated PageRank) is largely determined by the structure of these website links.
For example, such a hierarchical structure, which makes most of the pages have a link to a page on top or index pages, while the index page does not have a direct link to a page at most in the hierarchy, the highest google pagerank of the website is always to index pages. And automatically pages in the most in the hierarchy will have the lowest pagerank .. (This structure best if you can and just need to optimize your index page)

Back on the points underlined above, a site (let alone in the optimization process) it is definitely in dire need ibound links from other sites to boost PageRank. The contribution from inbound links pagerank will be distributed to all web pages that you have a scale that is determined to get every page back to the website link structure.
If we got roughly the contribution of inbound links pagerank of 1, the value will be divided into all these pages of our sites, not just the pages that receive inbound links. From here also we can see, each additional number of pages, will enlarge the divisor factor. Decrease in PageRank from inbound links contributions directly proportional to the number of pages that we add.

With this, not one assumed not to add your business web page, or add to your blog posts. Because a wesite that fresh, frequently updated is also favored by search engines.
The solution is, each additional page on your website must also cultivated baclink additions to your site.
The greater the website you have more and more backlinks are required in order to have a whole page of your website pagerank equitable (not just the index that have high PageRank but other pages pagerank is very low).

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