LEARN SEO : Keywords Research! Be careful with the seo keywords victim

In addition to the previous article about how to choose keywords that good, this time I'll try to review how one can become a victim seo keywords. For simplicity, I immediately take a case that I found.
Engadget already discussed it better to choose keywords related to what products or services you are looking for people and not focus on your business name, of course it is not entirely correct. For those who want a web site owned by a source of visitors who will be a source of customers and revenue is highly recommended. But for large companies or individuals who have been famous and is building a corporate image would be more appropriate to use a company name.

One of the keywords that interests me and has been optimized by so many sites are: "bali-hotels" and the "bali maps." If you saw him hit in the keywords research tools, hit very high. Of keywords that we can see two comparisons:

* Hotel is a much-needed tourist accommodation when traveling people (primary needs), while the "maps" or the map is only needed as a guide for the uninitiated a location.
* Hotel is an enormous business in comparison with a map.

From one point we can deduce that the hotel would be more keywords to search on keywords maps.
The comparison we can see in the picture.

While from the point the two can be summed up in the scope of seo, keywords more hotels will be optimized by the hotel sites, because from there the They expect orders from the guest rooms.

If noted, the two keywords are most needed by the foreigners who traveled to the "Bali" with a tourist destination that has a conversion value can be ascertained which was optimized site visitors are visitors from outside Bali or abroad. But in the table below the number of hits these two keywords appear strange!

Can be seen, the two keywords "bali hotels" and "bali maps" have become victims of seo and the more severe is the keywords "hotel bali" is because many sites that perform optimizations on this site. Big hits on the keywords that were not derived from prospective customers, prospective customers or service users. But no more than a hundred times searching from the webmaster who check their website position on search engines.
We're no longer able to determine with any tool with the potential customer how many actually use these keywords. Another bad effect for the thinner pocket, the cost of your traffic from prospective customers may not be potential, but more than your rivals.

What went wrong? The answer does not exist!. From this case we only need to be more rigorous in analyzing the number of hits on the popular keywords, keywords. And here's one more benefit if you are optimizing on a more specific keywods like for example "cheap bali hotel" or "cheap Bali vacation package." And of course the case that the same may happen again.

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