LEARN SEO : SEO Frequently Problems

This time will be discussing SEO problems often faced by many webmasters and Internet business players. What the hell are frequently faced and obstacles that make SEO pucing 7th round? Here it is:

1. Problems SEO Blog / Website / Site: View the website / blog / web we attract and sell. But on the other side of the blog / site / web site does not properly teroptimisasi Search Engine Friendly aliases are not. Well the end result of it was this: traffic or visitors coming and coming from Search Engine kinds yahoo, msn google and little or none, because without we realize we can not give what the search engine robot or crawler search engines want . Instead we end up as an admin the site to bring in traffic or visitors to our site to get traffic to your website / blog / website with the way we should be advertising on the site rame (promotion) or PPC advertising to sort kliksaya, adsense, adbrite, etc..

Case Example: Most sites and websites owned by companies or large vendors do not have a strong SEO. So most of these companies, they would rather have ads than optimization: D

2. Problems SEO Blog / Website / Site: Now for the problem Blogs and Websites that both are viewing the website / blog / website uninteresting and not worth selling. But the website / blog / website is very good in the optimization or the owner has applied practically SEO and blog / website / website Search Engine Friendly really. What will happen is the traffic or visitors who come a lot, but because the content of such sites is not attractive to visitors, so there is the possibility that there will be no sales. Site / blog / website on this second event only attract search engine robots or often called a crawler. But remember google crawlers or robots can not click your ad, you can not buy the product. Maybe I'll come up short of this so-called famous =))=)) origin.

Case Example: This is a problem with bloggers. Many bloggers who have decent traffic but the results produced in his blog cuman iprit sa: D (This may also be my problem until now).

3. Problems SEO Blog / Website / Site: On blogs and websites no problem 3 I guess this is not the problem: D. But it can be classed a successful blog and website. In addition to an attractive appearance for visitors, blogs and websites on the category 3 is also attractive to search engine crawlers or robots to search engines. Sites in this category is sold at all: D. Site admin on the 3rd faction is known as Master: D.

Case Example: Master-Master who has been successful: D. If the small sample
No. 1 is the solution for us as an admin of a blog / website / seo site to learn more: D. How we are an admin should be able to learn and find solutions to seo it so easy and simple. Now for the solution to problem No. 2, especially for me and generally for all Indonesian bloggers: D is how we as admin site / blog / web site design we can provide a good and attractive to visitors and make your articles really are good quality and interesting visitors.

Now for problem No. 2 is so me and my problems still learning how to continue to overcome No. 2: D. From the design side I always liked the simple but Search Engine Friendly: D. What about the other blogger friends? what was the problem all my friends?

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