Protect Your Files with FileSecret

FileSecrets is software that is simple, but effective way to protect your files from unauthorized accesses. Windows may be able to provide protection to the files, but the protection of Windows can easily be bypassed by computer users who have the privilege of access. The purpose of FileSecrets is to "secretly" to protect your files, which means that other computer users will not even know how your files are protected or will not even know that your files there.

FileSecrets has the following features to protect files / folders you:

- Refusing Access to Files / Folders

This feature will protect files / folders from any access given, either by computer users access or access from other applications. For example, if there are computer users who intend to access your file using Windows Explorer, it will get the message "Access is denied". This will also happen with access experiments using other applications.

- Reject the amendment to the File / Folder

This feature is useful when you need to share your files with others, but you want to order this file can not be altered or deleted by someone else. This feature is also useful to protect your files from a viral infection but still allow it to be accessible. If someone tries to delete or modify the file, it will get the message "File Access Denied".

- Hiding Files / Folders

This feature will hide files / folders you from any application, so no one can see it. His one-one way to make files / folders visible again is to me disable it from FileSecrets.

- GUI File Secrets

A GUI features to add files / folders that we want to protect and with what features we want to protect her

- Password Protection

This feature with a password to protect FileSecrets

- Windows Explorer integrations

This is a feature to a FileSecrets integration with Windows Explorer and many other features are very useful for us. For more complete information about FileSecrets you can see it here.

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