How To Block Sites

How to block sites using a number of ways, this trick happened to be someone who asks how to block certain sites on the previous post in comments here. Well no need to elaborate because this article may be long considering I will give you a way how to block sites.

The first way is by using the system on the windows steps go into the following directory:

C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc

then click open the hosts file with notepad, you will find the IP localhost " localhost", create a new IP under it by adding a single digit on the last digit to be localhost IP address of the site and then add the block so you want to be like this example "" without http://, then save.

If you want to add sites that you want to block enough to do such as the above step by adding an IP number at the end of localhost in the site name that will follow your blocks.

Step into the 2 way block the site by using the Add-ons mozilla firefox, please you download the Add-ons on the following link: https: / / for mozilla firefox browser user, do you still have your IE Unistall, how to uninstall IE you can read here or here.

Kan pake other browsers can still rich Opera hehe .. ok yes it hindered both to disable a program or membataasi your program can use this method to run the program Run (Windows + R) on the keyboard type gpedit.msc will mauk to the Local Group Policy Editor Users select configuration and then to the Administrative Templates.

Select System on the right side column look for Do not run specified Windows Application click 2 times your window will pop up select enable and click the button will show the new window appears, at this window you are typing the application you want to be locked so as not to run the example Opera.exe , see figure

if it is just click OK and OK. There are more questions like this if it turns out he knows because Opera locked in this way, well if kek gini aja pake software from a more complete product simpliciti aja visit his site, but the pay-mo hehe if a full search in google search software download must be met.

Oh yes also a long way from the articles so used to block sites that are still confused yes yes I am also confused writing this article. Good luck!

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