How To Promote Web / Blog?

In particular I never promotions web / blog, either submit to the directory or submit to search engines. Typically for a new blog cuman submit it to google webmaster tools yahoo ama explorer,
For blogs that I use nyari money on the internet, I'm also not ever promotion. then how I'll be good backlinks and PR? This is what I do: Create a blog, for example you have 10 blogs, you create all 10 blogs are mutually nge-link with each other. JUST THAT! More and more blogs or web better to add a backlink, so it would not bother by spamming and find  backlink comments on those blogs.

There are industrious people who commented on the blogs of others can create traffic , if his intention can backlink? better do not have to comment, is it useless, because the default from wordpress or other blogging software such as blogspot or another, the link in the comments already set to nofollow, meaning that those links will not be considered "important" by the search engine robots. In fact, if one or plasticity spam comments, which usually have a blog also delete or mark us as a spam.

The safest way yes it was, create a blog much, the contents of that regular content. Besides can make  adsense or other programs, adding quite make adding backlinks to other blogs. At some point if pagerank update, the more likely to be a good pagerank, compared to blogs that do not have backlinks. Create a blog much better, as long as it can be taken care of everything.

From now on ready-ready to build content and backlinks, about a month or two months longer would pagerank update, if a good pagerank, you can join TLA.

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