How to Protect Folders and Files in Windows 7, XP, Vista

If you want the files and folders in Windows you have the password, then you should try the Free Androsa File Protector. You do not need to buy a commercial file encryption software for tasks such as encrypt and password-protected files and folders.

Androsa File Protector is a great tool that has evolved into a file encryption software for Windows OS. This software can also be used on Windows 7, also the old Windows operating system like Vista and XP. Androsa Files Protector has an advanced level of encryption algorithm to mengekripsi files on Windows and also gives you the ability to protect documents with passwords. The following are features of Androsa File Protector:

    * Androsa File Protector protect files with an advanced level of encryption algorithms such as AES - 256 bit / 192 bit / 128 bit, TripleDES 192 bit and DES 64-bit.
    * Can be easily set its password to 256 bits (32 characters).
    * Has a user friendly interface grais. If you have any files / folders to be encrypted and password protection to be given, simply drag and drop file / folder into the interface and specify a password protector file by clicking File>> Protect / Restore from the menu. After you specify the password, the file / folder will be automatically encrypted and changed files with the extension. AFP. Then the file can be opened and viewed only by users who know the password.

    proteksi file dan folder

* Advanced tab of the setting of protection provides features such as "delete source files after the operation protection / restore" and "Maintaining the existing file and not piled up during the restore process" means the program will be avoided in order to avoid overwriting files that already exist at the same location as the file which is being restored. If the program finds files with the same name during the restore process, the program will create a file with similar names, for example: file.txt becomes file (1). Txt.
    * The software also integrates with the right click context menu of Windows OS. So very easy to give a password on a file by simply right-click and select items Androsa File Protector.
    * Androsa File Protector can perform encryption and password protection of any file in Windows. You can secure important files on your PC.
    * You can also create self-archive with Androsa decript File Protector.
    * Applications are also available in portable versions, so you can take by using a USB falshdisk and use it anywhere.
    * You also can provide the password on file with size more than 2GB.

Androsa File Protector provides the option to backup files before encryption process starts as early warning in the event of damage or loss of data files. Possible loss of data when process protection / restore can be caused by several reasons:

    * Crash on PC
    * Computer loses power
    * Disk failure

Backup feature to copy the files to be protected before the start of the process of protection. After the process is completed to perfection, the program will delete the files selected using the elimination method (whether normal or secure 1-3 passes).
Download File Protector Androsa here:

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