Increasing Alexa Traffic Rank Through Google BUZZ

Alexa Traffic Rank endless ride? Do not worry if a friend become a member of this site Google for issuing a new service that Google's Buzz. With this service, so members can interact directly with his friends outside of email and the services provided by other social net work.

In my opinion, Google Buzz can also be used for online promotion our blog by writing articles in the column us the URL address and status updates. With promotion on Google Blog Buzz expected number of visitors will increase which would affect the Alexa Traffic Rank.

Google Buzz is not only available in Gmail you but we can also use this site by using your mobile phone. Similar to FB's.

For Gmail users, there's nothing wrong if we also take advantage of Google's Buzz to interact with another friend. If friends are interested please click on the Google Buzz. with blogging and blogwalking the Alexa Traffic Rank is expected to rise.

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