Pagerank and SERP

Maybe you'll laugh, but believe it or not there are still those who do not know how important Page Rank and SERP. for you who is a master's and 'teacher' simply skip or skip this article before you die laughing. not know yet of course you should read this, especially if you are webmaster or a blogger.

What Is Page Rank?

Google Talk, can not be separated from PageRank (PR). Page Rank is a unit for measuring the quality of web pages. Although the role of public relations for the search results are not too significant, but PR is accounted for in online business. A website that has a high PR has a high sale value as well.

What is SERP?

Stands for Search Engine Result Page. SERP is the page that appears as a result of the searches made on search engines. In all searches, Google can find dozens of up to billions of search results that are divided into several pages. Each page is only 10 websites have come up. Google ranks search results using a specific formula, which until now has not been published. Only, some online business and search engine watchers have been conducting a series of trials and publish their findings. If your site appears on the first page, most likely the search will be visiting our website. This of course will increase web traffic and creativity of our lives have turned the visit into a business opportunity. So our target is to appear on the first page. And our focus is ranked first.

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