Powerful tips to increase google Pagerank

Having a blog with high pagerank that are obviously very profitable for online business. As a business paid to review, one of the factors leading to our blog to get an order to review is the value of PageRank of our blog. Similarly, the business sale and purchase links. The higher the PageRank value of our blog the greater the willingness of other parties to put the link on the blog.

But to get high pagerank was not easy. Required minimum of three months in accordance with the schedule update google pagerank status or level of popularity of our blog pages. Then how our efforts to improve our blog pagerank?

Here are 12 tips that quoted from various sources to increase the pagerank blog:

1. Make sure you include at least one link to Google
2. Use a lot of meta keywords tag. Use them with commas. Make sure you do not repeat the same word more than three consecutive times in a row. Google only index the first 101K of documents, so do not be too much.
3. Write a lot of dots, dots and dots. Then place it in the bottom of a document like this:
... ... ... ....
Then make a link from each of these points into your blog pages. Make sure there is a link to Google. Do not link to other sites (besides your own blog itself).
4. The fourth tip is probably one of the most powerful tip. Make at least three-page / pages / posts on your site link and make the scheme as follows:

Page 1 link to Page 2
Page 2 link to Page 3

And this is a kick behind it:

Page 3 linking back to Page 1

Google will give points to page 2 from page one, then points 3 pages of page two, and then if you link back to page one then google will repeat it again from scratch. This method is also often called interlinking or linking to each other between the one-page / post to another page.
5. Use H1 tags throughout your blog page except the title and information in the header. Css settings to use the written form H1 is not too large. Remember that google is very concerned that papers are in h1 tags.
6. Update content more quickly and more.
7. Backlinks on blogs that have also been linking to your blog page.
8. Be careful in writing content that contains words that could lead to biased google that your site is banned sites such as sites abused sites and so forth.
9. Update your blog content articles every day with a different and unique. When visitors get valuable information from your blog, then chances are 100% he will be back to visit your blog.
10. Provide links that point to various pages / other articles in your blog, such as related articles. This will make visitors stay longer in your blog.
11. Create a sitemap for your website (XML based for text-based Google and yahoo) and then submit a sitemap to Google and Yahoo. Make a Google webmaster account and sign up there to see your website statistics. This will tell you whether your site is indexed or not.
12. And the most important tips is to exchange your blog links with other blog owners. This method is very fast way to increase your visibility in search engines.

Finally, hopefully useful tips for you. Regards.

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raikumar said...

Very excellent tips. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

I could not under stand the third one that is "......" could you explain that for me?

Vee Eee Technologies said...

Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

Joomla developer said...

Nice to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Well this article that I've been waited for so long.

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