Latest Virus Reconnaissance Symbian OS

LONDON - NetQin a security company warned about the dangers of a new virus that attacks Symbian-based smart phones.

According to the company, the virus is difficult to detect because it disguised in mobile gaming. Some of the Symbian platform that became the target of the virus consists of a version of the S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th edition or the Symbian OS 9.4.

Quoted by SF Gate, Friday (7/9/2010), the virus was detected named ShadowSrv.A, FC.Downsis.A, BIT.N and MapPlug.A, this strain infect game in Symbian mobile phones. When the game is executed, the virus directly take over the mobile phone and tucked Malware.

"Once mastered, the virus will send a message to all contacts directly, and send messages to random phone numbers to connect to the server," wrote NetQin.

NetQin estimates there are 100 thousand mobile phones around the world are very susceptible to this virus. One of the key reasons are, the number of applications that flooded into smart phones in recent years.

Mode by inserting viral malware aimed at smartphone is not new. In late 2009, NetQin also never found a botnet named iKee capable of attacking the iPhone.

Source: Okezone

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