Speed up Firefox browser with Speedyfox

Your Firefox browser slow? already using Tricks to accelerate Firefox but still felt less agile? Maybe you can try to speed up Mozilla Firefox Tools named Speedyfox. Mozilla Firefox Browser really fast, but as time goes by there will be many Fragmentation database that caused the slowing of Fire Fox.

Now, with this Speedyfox Software, Database fragmented will be compressed, so the automatic is lighter and faster loading Firefox. The advantage that you'll feel from Speedyfox are:

* Start Up Firefox 3 times faster
* Speed up Browsing History
* Operates faster with Cookies

Download Speedyfox - Software accelerator Mozilla Firefox

Speedyfox 1.4.2 (0.3 MB)

So what are you waiting? Speedyfox download immediately, accelerating Tools Mozilla Firefox. No need to worry, the program is very small, so it can download faster. Hopefully these posts useful

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