Stop autorun Viruses Spread with USB Defender

Although the spread of the virus via the Windows autorun techniques have started to decline, but this security hole we can not simply ignore. Some viruses are still using Autorun.inf in your USB stick as a trigger to make it easier to spread to different computers. If before I ever discuss Vaccine USB Panda, now there is another alternative, namely USB Defender.

USB vaccination technique has actually been more than one year are used by various security software. Including local antivirus like SmadAV also use this technique. This technique by creating a file or folder with the name of Autorun.inf in protection so it can not be deleted, in the renamed or changed. In this way, the virus that will create the autorun.inf file and will not be able to spread to other computers.

Keep in mind that such vaccination is only to prevent the spread through autorun.inf only and will not prevent infected USB stick. So the flash can still be exposed to viruses, just not going to spread to other computers automatically.
USB Defender

USB Defender was developed with such techniques, which will create a folder Autorun.inf in protection with five levels. Its use is very easy, we just choose the drive USB Flash drive that will be on protection, and then click the Protect button.

In order to use five levels of protection, Pro menu method must be enabled (checked). And to do this, the computer user must have administrator privileges.

The proposed technique uses a USB defender is indeed quite powerful. Like the Vaccine USB Panda, this protection technique can not be deleted with Unlocker software (SmadAV protection can still be deleted with Unlocker). But if the "Pro Method" is not selected, only four levels of protection (4 / 5) and autorun.inf can still be removed with Unlocker. Therefore, make sure the pro-protection method is selected when the USB stick.

If we previously had on the flash protection with USB Panda Vaccine, the protection we can still replace them with protection from a USB Defender which prevent the spread of the virus via the Windows autorun.

Besides the character of portable (no need to install), USB Defender also supports all Windows system files (FAT or NTFS). According to its maker, USB Defender is also more powerful than USB Panda Security and Threat USB Defender.

Download USB Defender (~ 350 KB)

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Hundreds of millions of USB flash drives are currently in operation around the world, with the vast majority not offering proper usb protection

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