How to make your laptop battery durable

merawat baterai laptopHow to make your laptop battery durable? The main challenge with laptops is that the battery life is often less durable, leak etc.. All this is due to CPU speed, high-performance graphics and a large amount of RAM require more power. Although the laptop manufacturers are creating laptops with long battery life, there are some things you can do yourself to treat your laptop battery. These are tips to preserve laptops battery ;

1. When a newly purchased laptop, battery was still empty. Laptops may not be directly used even when electrical charge is attached. Laptops should be turned off first, in-charge for between 4-8 hours until the indicator lights show full charge (usually a charge indicator light turns green).

2. If you are not a presentation but was working regularly with a laptop at the office, release bateray laptop and use electricity directly. If battery installed, the charge is also installed in many instances will cause rapid battery leak. Although modern laptops often have a circuit that ensures the battery is not used when a charge is inserted, but warmer temperatures also shorten the battery life. Remember, battery laptop is used only when electricity can not be used directly.

3. Be sure to configure your laptop battery properly . Arrange your laptop Sleep period to enable you to turn off the screen and hard disk after a certain period of time the computer is not used. Specify this period as short as possible to maximize battery life.

4. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when not needed. When you watch a movie, or typing a document and you do not need to be online, disable the wireless device. This will help save power, because the concept of Bluetooth and WiFi is to send and receive signals even if you do not realize it, and this spending power. Worse yet, if you activate this feature keuda place that there is absolutely no signal.

5. Reduce configuration screen is too bright. On one side of the screen is fairly bright because of clear writing, but the brighter screen on the other hand more and more power used.

6. In line with the previous tip, you should disable the screen saver. Primarily intended to prevent the screen so as not to burn, screen savers consume much higher power because the active CPUs and video card and screen are used as well. This is equivalent to watching a video on the laptop.

7. In addition to disable Bluetooth and wireless devices, as well as releasing any external device when not needed. A USB or wireless mouse, USB memory stick, external hard drives or PCMCIA cards that are not being used on a laptop should be removed. You must understand, all this device uses power from your laptop.

8. Also check your startup programs and active programs and close unnecessary programs. Startup programs that too much will cause the long loading laptop. Loading time will require a lot of virtual memory so that too much use of hard disk access.

9. If you want to listen to music, use a headset and not speakers. Because of the small laptop speakers though the volume of the music is maximal but not maximal on the sound. If you raise the volume of power usage is also growing.

10. BIOS and driver updates. Computer manufacturers to improve their software over time to improve the way the hardware is used. Bios update will ensure that you have the latest version and provides maximum compatibility with all power saving features of the operating system. The same goes for hardware drivers. Driver control all aspects of hardware, including hardware power saving mode.

NOTE: you must be careful because if the wrong BIOS update then your laptop will go to trash your alias can not fix it unless you take it to the dealer.

Here are some ideas on how to take care of your laptop's battery and to maximize laptop battery life. Do you have more ideas on saving your laptop battery power? Leave a comment and I'll update the list above.

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