Send Email with handwriting

As we know each time you receive email and send email always use the font on the computer but how to Send Email with handwriting in this way as you write good calligraphy and when people receive emails from you will be very impressed because it was handwritten your own.

The way you can do with the help of a web app online tools Pilot, the pen maker, has developed a fairly easy way for us all to send handwritten mail with just a Web cam and printer, digital camera or scanner is required.

Steps should you do go into their web and please you register first click on the top left hand corner here just write your name, email and password.

Send Email dengan tulisan tangan

and click ok and you do not need a confirmation via email inbox for activation like in most registration. Once registered, click Write by hand in the upper left corner of the page.

A video tutorial will show you how to play using this service. Click the right arrow to advance to the next step. here you have to print a paper template by clicking the printer icon between the arrows. Print templates and instructions appear to show to the center of each letter in the appropriate box from the template.

Send Email dengan tulisan tangan

After you print these templates now you write on the paper template using pens and pencils do not like in the example given in writing your character.

If you are finished it is time you do a scan template here have three options to scan you can easily use that in your opinion.

Send Email dengan tulisan tangan

After being captured, the letters appear on the screen where they can be modified. Click on any letter to change the way it that appears at window .

If all you do and think you are finished editing done click the save on the disk icon and check underneath.

Well then you can start to Send Email with your handwriting using fonts that you have created. in recipients of your emails will look that there is a written email from your hand. Interesting idea is not with the help of free online tools you can create and send email with your own handwriting.

click here if you want to try

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