2011, iPad would beat Laptop Market

Analysts predict iPad sales next year could reach 28 million units. It was strengthened with the holiday season, which would boost the popularity of Apple's tablet.

In the first three months since its launch last April, recorded directly iPad skyrocketed with sales reaching three figures, 27 million units.

Analysts from Maynard Um of UBS Investment Research says that consumers are now able to increase sales to 28 million units in 2011 iPad. IPad sales would indirectly affect the sales of laptops. Especially for products 'lower classes'.

"We believe a major impact occurs at the level of sales of low-end PCs, as iPad prices very close to those markets (low-end PC-ed)," the analysts said in a statement.

Sales of the Apple iPad believed sales would exceed the combination of other manufacturers. The competitors will realize that it is not easy to play your opponent iPad.

Different opinions have been expressed previously by JT Wang, chairman of Acer Group. JT Wang believes Google's Android-based tablet will quickly melibas iPad tablet with a market share in the global sphere between 20 percent to 30 percent.

While data from UBS Investment Research reveals that Apple's market share will grow by 25, 77 per cent this year.

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Anonymous said...

That's like saying iPad markets beats Bananas. Laptop is a completely different device. I can honestly say that the things I do on my laptop can not be done anywhere near as efficiently on my iPad.

Best Laptops 2011 said...

I agree. As much as I can see the iPad seeing a huge improvement in 2011, I doubt it will overcome the ever growing laptop industry. Especially with Intel releasing the Sandy Bridge platform soon.

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