Be careful clicking on shortened URL links

Be careful with the use of tools or websites that can shorten a long URL or link to or short like TinyURL and others. Tools like this course very useful if we have a very long URL address that difficult to remember or really want to be kept secret, but sometimes in this way be misused by certain parties.
For those who intend evil (cracker), this shortened link that is used to direct to a website that stores the script virus, which when clicked on those links will become victims of our computer. So, be careful with the shortened link.

The first thing to remember is that you do not carelessly click on a link that has been shortened and it looked suspicious. In addition there are actually more effective way, for your Firefox browser users can install the add-on that can show the original URL address of a URL address that has been shortened. Some of the add-on firefox is suppose Long URLs Please, LongURL Mobile Expander, Interclue, DeTiny Expander URL Long URL Editor, and others.
For users of Internet Explorer browser, you can use the add-on Preview and Launch URL.

By knowing the original address of a URL link, then surely we can be more careful in order not to visit websites that contain malicious code / script viruses that could damage the computers we use.

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