Google employee plowing Gmail Account Users

Because violation of company policy, Google finally fired an employee who works as an engineer at Google's offices in Seattle, the United States.

"We fired David Barksdale for violating the privacy of Google's internal policy," said Biil Coughran, as senior vice president of Engineering Google.

Coughran did not describe in detail the violation of what his men had done it. But the site reported that Barksdale repeatedly took advantage of his position as a technical team members to arbitrarily access the accounts of users.

In short, Barksdale known to use their office to access your Gmail account from four teenagers without permission.

As quoted by AFP on Thursday (09/15/2010), Barksdale said intercepting a voice call logs from Google's online phone service and even to work on one victim's boyfriend. While Barksdale is not sexual harassment, but his actions clearly violate privacy.

"We will be careful in controlling the number of employees who have access to sensitive systems and we will continue to regularly update security controls," lid Coughran.

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