maximizing Social Networking to find the beloved girl

Social media era has arrived. Everyone connected with each other via their respective handsets. As a result of Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare could be creatively used to apply for the girl's idol.

Romantic things done by Matt Van Horn, one of the developers on social sites Digg. He gave a surprise heart idol girl he wanted to marry, to maximize the number of social networking sites such as Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and assisted Qik for live streaming video.

For information, Qik is a video streaming service that can be directly recorded through the phone. As a result, people who turn on Qik can directly show what he recorded via mobile phone in real-time, witnessed by many people.

Armed with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Qik, Van Horn was applying for her hero on the hill. The idea is simple, Matt led the girl to the top of the hill, while he hid behind a rock.

Not far from the site, Matt's friends are a valuable record of events in a candid, and broadcast live via Qik. It is intended to allow families of both parties witnessed Matt's romantic action.

Now, before Matt using Twitter and Foursquare as a 'material proposal'.

Tips valuable experience that he told through his personal blog.


The idea is simple. The first time Matt was hiding behind a rock, and recorded with the iPhone live streaming via Qik. The event that lasted 30 minutes that he was sent to all relatives and friends without the knowledge of the girl. So they can see it directly.

Well, shortly before Matt had told the girl hero who do not know his plans to the location. When the girl arrived at the hill, Matt, who was then in hiding immediately send 'marriage proposal' that he would propose on the spot via a direct Foursquare synchronized with Facebook and Twitter.

Status Matt is what makes the girl happy shock. "While applying for my dream girl. @ Lolofishyfoo directly witnessed a live stream: (@ Bernal Heights Park)," he wrote on the link Foursquare, which is directly on the Re-Tweet by his friends.

Every girl would love to surprise. Especially when he knows that all the people witnessed the happy event without realizing. Herein lies the romantic emotions for the girls. Only armed with a single click on the status of Foursquare, big plans are successful.

Want to try? Or already have other creative ideas with Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare to do the same?

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