Microsoft held Funeral of iPhone and BlackBerry

Microsoft is so confident the operating system Windows 7 Phone able to talk a lot, even beating the OS rival . Just look at their activities recently by holding a unique procession to 'bury' the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry.

Yes, to celebrate the birth version RTM (release to manufacuring) WP 7, Microsoft employees held a show at their headquarters in Redmond, USA. They carry the iPhone and the BlackBerry-sized replica of a giant on crutches like to be buried.

While running the funeral procession, tens of employees who demonstrate the dance a la Michael Jackson in his famous song, Thriller. Apparently, this event was pretty well prepared.

With this event, Microsoft seems to send a message that Windows 7 Phone is ready to bury the existence of the iPhone and BlackBerry. But the question arises why not look 'funeral' for Android based phones. Does Microsoft have admitted defeat on the Google OS?
certainly this performance aims to promote the publication of Windows Phone.

Bureau research firm Gartner estimates the market share of Windows OS will fall from 4.7 percent this year to 3.9 percent in 2014. The presence of Windows 7 Phone is not expected to have much effect. Awaited interesting how Microsoft's future performance on the market.

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