New Tricks query XL for Free gprs

In this post I will discuss new XL tricks which I give the title New Tricks query XL for Free gprs. XL Apparently it is still too many bugz. Only by using these new XL query you can free internet and free browse as much as you like but only with certain HP or cellphone. I use hp sony ericsson W910.

The following settings of the new Xl Query using opmin ui 4.2 Handler

Primary server / http server:

Front queries:

Host proxy server:

To others leave it blank.

for other types and brands hp or cellphone please you replace the trailing dot (.) between com and server with the @ sign on the primary server. example: 80 /

Hopefully New Tricks query XL for Free gprs is useful for you all

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Anonymous said...

thanks bro

Anonymous said...

trick e' wis podo Modyar.... !

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