Sex Criminals sued and claimed, Google Losing in Court

Google loses in trial against former sex offenders who had just come out of prison. As a result, the internet giant must pay some money as compensation.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (09/28/2010), the high court verdict is handed down in France. Google deemed to have been found guilty of defaming a private individual through public access.

About this incident began when a man from France who is not named, did not receive his name continues plastered every time Internet users to write keywords such as 'rapists', 'devil', 'rape' and 'prison' in the Google search engine.

The man who has been sentenced to three years in prison that claims that Google has done defamation. He also dragged the company based in California, United States, that the local court.

Once found guilty, the company lead by CEO Eric Schmidt was also ordered to pay some money to pay for losses incurred. Not only that, Google was also ordered to delete the list of search suggestions on behalf of the man.

"This search algorithm is determined based on a number of objective factors, including popularity search term or name," Hue Google spokesman defended the company.

"Google does not ever suggest his name. All search results are displayed in autocomplete as it has been typed previously by other Google users," he explained further.

Google's own plans to immediately appeal the decision of the French court.

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