Windows Phone 7 will be released on October 2010

Microsoft finally confirmed the presence of Windows Phone 7 which falls on October 2010 in Europe. While in America these platforms will follow in November.

The above is disclosed by Microsoft COO Kevin Turner. "As said before, for me this is true. In October and November we'll be back playing," he said.

"This game is not over," he added. According to Turner there are now 200 million smartphones sold in the market. "If you think what happened three or five years, there will be 400-450 million smartphones," he continued.

Turner is believed that on this occasion, Microsoft will make major changes to go into competition smart phone competition. Talking about Windows phone 7 that would be present, Turner also gave a note.

"When you see this phone and the user interface in it, it's not like Microsoft's mobile phones ever released before," he said. Related to this, some mobile phone vendors introduce even the middle of some of their phones.

Samsung today introduced new products that will use Windows phone 7 named Samsung Cetus. While HTC is also rumored to be released product named HTC Mystery.

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