5 Safety tips to protect children from Social networking

Social networking sites like double-edged knife for the children. In addition to training them to socialize, some cyber intimidation of foreigners sometimes be a threat to children. Not to mention the danger of terror pedophile. We prepared to protect children from these threats?

Effendy Ibrahim as Internet Safety Advocate & Lead Symantec's Consumer Business to give some tips about the role of parents to children as they mingle in social networking.

Before the children received new friends or sharing information in social networking, make sure the following items on our children.

1. Not talk, or accept friendship invitations from strangers on social networking, instant messaging, or online forums.

2. Does not give a painful opinion, gossip, or attacks against other people through social networks, blogs, sites, or chat onlline. This creates the potential of people, to harm our children.

3. Not give detailed information about your home address, personal number, photograph because it will make the child become easy targets for perpetrators. Do not want our children to become targets of pedophiles is not it?

4. Make sure children have a strong password for your e-mail, social networks, forums or online games. Make sure children do not tell to anyone, including his best friend, though occasionally.

5. Confirm that the alien video link, really comes from someone who was known before the child to click. Because some foreign link infiltrated the possibility of malware, potentially steal useful information.

In spite of it all, as parents do not be ashamed to learn from children. In fact, some children may be more knowledgeable about technology and the Internet than their parents. So what?

Stay as parents, we more clearly understand the procedures behave toward strangers in this era of social networking. So a variety of information openly between parent and child is quite important.

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Social networks have become a common environment for adolescents and adults. These sites encourage and allow people to exchange information about themselves, share photos and videos and blogs and personal use messaging to communicate with friends.

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