6 Optimization tips to boost position in google

Optimization tips to boost position in google to be excellent for many website owners. No doubt because the current search engines become extraordinary tools to be able to get various kinds of information on the Internet. So the formula if you master the search engines then the control information on the Internet. Especially google, a giant company that still binds so strong dominance billion users on the Internet.

Of course a lot of tips that can be used to boost position in google. Of the many tips available, Backlink become a major force in the push up position on google. Did not rule, the more backlinks you have, search engines will increasingly believe in the web page.

Well, to be able to boost the google top 10, following 6 tips you can do:

1. If the engine wordpress, update service pinging services that are owned, how to see in my article about optimization ping.
2. Join dilayanan to be able to automatically submit to various directories automatically, a popular directory is digg, Mixx, stumbleupon, delicious.
3. If you want to promote something, suitable to be able to send all advertising materials to 200 providers classified ads website even more.
4. Submit to the various service providers such autosubmitter, Scuttle,,, cheap-Scuttle.
5. Install Plugins if booster SEO wordpress blog engine like: all-in-One SEO or SEO ultimate, WP Seo Tags, SEO Smart Link.
6. Blogwalking to a wide range of existing friends, or use tricks to crazy blogwalking .

Um, maybe 6 tips google top 10 levers will not work if you do not have good content. Finally it all back again to the content, content, and content to be able to get the top 10 in google.

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