How to increase the traffic by mutual exchange of traffic

How to increase the traffic can be done by mutual exchange of traffic or visits to increase traffic. Like the crazy tricks that have been discussed earlier , many of which raised objections if need blogwalking to 1000 blogs / day. Because it was deemed impossible and very time consuming. Well, blogwalking itself is a means to exchange visits among fellow bloggers, but not impossible if we do not everything will come back to visit. That's what it will be difficult to measure the effectiveness of our visit, so the traffic requests can not be ensured.

Well, traffic exchange itself is not only done with blogwalking only. However, traffic to increase traffic exchange visits can be done with the site traffic exchange services (see wikipedia: Traffic exchange) or a service traffic exchange sites. Well some sites traffic exchange service providers, among others:


To be able to enjoy this traffic exchange service, first register for free on these sites. Then how the workings of this traffic exchange system?!?

Simple it is each member will be given a job to do the surf to the address designated. Just click the address, we will immediately redirected to the URL address it and deemed to have made visits and traffic will be obtained. Every time we do click on the visit will get a visit back to 1:1 or 1:2 ratio depending on the policies of each site. So with one click which is actually less than 1 minute to be able to reach 1000 per day your blog or website is not the impossible again. So 1000 visitors per day was not a difficult thing.

So, 5-enhancing site of this automatic traffic can be an alternative to hunting traffic and increase it many times. And much easier to be able to do more professional blogwalking and efficient.

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flash coverflow said...

Even I think that blogging consumes more time and even don't give quickest result. If we want huge traffic and that also fast then using these site can be a good option.

Traffic Exchange said...

There are many ways to increase traffic to a website. A traffic exchange is definitely one of them. But, it is important that people use manual traffic exchange sites. Using an auto surf site is a waste of time since nothing guarantees that there is a real person seeing the websites. Now, I agree with the 1:1 surf ratio. Or at least something close to that.

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