Setting Wordpress Permalink For SEO Friendly

How do I change settings / wordpress blog permalink structure to make it more SEO friendly and free of problems. In WordPress, the default permalink setting is /? P = 123, so the url to display is of course this is not SEO friendly because the post title is not displayed on the url. Such as learning on-page SEO, we know that appearance on permalink post title will help the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Should be changed permalink structure to /% category% /% postname% or even just /% postname% only. so that the url blog post will appear or http: / / /postname only.

In the new WordPress Blog, of course, this does not matter. changes can be done easily and not at risk. But what about the blogs already a lot of content? this remains a problem because the blog will lose backlinks that have been built with great difficulty due to changes in the permalink structure. Now on wordpress tutorial this time I will give simple tips and tricks wordpress to resolve the issue using the redirect trick. Htaccess file ..


First reply you have to do is log into the wordpress admin panel. In your wordpress dashboard, click Settings> Permalinks. Then select Custom and then fill it with /% category% /% postname% or /% postname% only, as shown below ..

after that, your permalink structure will look like this /postname

Now we need to redirect all the backlinks that use the old permalink structure to the new permalink structure. To do this you have to edit. Htaccess file located in the root directory on your wordpress hosting, Be careful when going to edit. Htaccess file, make sure you backup these files first.

Download and open the file. Htaccess file editor with a kind of notepad or WordPad, then add the code lines below:

RedirectMatch 301 / ([0-9 ]+)/([ ]+)/([ 0-9 0-9 ]+)/(.*)$ $ 4

Then save your changes and upload again on the root directory of your wordpress. Done, you just change settings on your wordpress permalink structure without losing backlinks

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