Submit to the directory to increase pagerank

Directory is a site that contains a "collection" link which is classified into various categories. Registering your site to directories is one way to increase PageRank. On the internet there are thousands of directories that are ready to "accept" our site. To register to multiple directories one by one would need extra patience. Two programs or services below can be easier for us to do submit your site to the directory.

digiXMAS Submitter

digiXMAS Submitter is a desktop-based applications. To be able to use this program we have to register first here then please download the program here. When finished downloading and installing, you can login with the username and password that we get during registration.

The next step fill in the data which we will list the sites which include the URL, Title, Description, Your Name and email.
Unfortunately for the free version we can only register our site to 150 directory, it was PR 0. But it was still tolerable than none at all

We can register our site to the directory through a service created by Directory which is on the list DirZap quite a lot. At the time of the submission process, it will start from the PR 3.

Hopefully useful!

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