How to Get Google Sitelinks

If you enter a common word in Google, for example, the website microsoft will appear in the first place, and underneath there are about 4 lines that contain the links in the web. It's called Google Sitelinks. Just below it is the second, third, and so on. Cool huh? As if the web is really special. I thought only the big sites get Google Sitelinks. Eh it turns out this blog also gets a gift from Google Sitelinks. Happy ... How do I get it?

Unfortunately, there is no official document from Google that explains in detail for the web or blog we get Sitelinks. Official documents from Google that can be used as a reference is this.

From the results of browsing and reading documents before, there are several factors or a way to get a Google Sitelinks:

1. Must be number one for certain keywords on Google

As far as I see on the Google Search Result, just a site that gets Google Sitelinks, the site ranks first for certain keywords. To get high rankings on search engines can be used SEO techniques, which basically there are 2 techniques, namely:

* Create original article (not copy-paste) quality.
* Pursuing other pages link to that page.

2. In the homepage there is a minimum of 3 pieces link

Citing Google's statement:

Pls sitelinks We only display a site has a minimum of three sitelinks available.

So a web page which contains a flash animation charming and there is only one button to enter or log, can not get sitelinks from Google.

3. The link is clicked many visitors to our site

Citing Google's statement:

We only show sitelinks for results When We think they'll be useful to the user.

The word "useful to the user" I mean that readers who come to our homepage, lots of clicking the link.

4. the words you enter Relevant to visitors of Google

Citing Google's statement:

(If) We do not think That the sitelinks for your site are relevant for the user's query, We will not show Them.

This means the links in sitelink, must be suitable and relevant to the keywords entered visitors.

5. Age site or the number of visitors?

There are references that make it clear that the site should be a minimum age of 2 years to get google sitelinks, that's not true, because my blog is still a baby, just a few months but already get sitelinks. I estimate that Google is also considering the number of end or page view. For the record, unique pageview for this blog (now) is> 3000 per day. Point to-5 is associated with a point to-1. Most likely, the site became the number 1 on Google for keywords that are common will get visitors in abundance.

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