how to reset or format Blackberry

here I will give you the trick how to reset or format Blackberry

Do not forget to BACKUP your data first, because the data in phone memory will be lost.
The one on the memory card will not be lost.

Steps to Format BlackBerry :
1. Go to the OPTIONS menu
2. select Security Options
3. select General Settings
4. Then came the General Settings menu
5. Then press the menu button on the trackball blackberry reply
6. select Wipe Handheld
7. check the option "Include third party applications" if you want to clean
8. then press Continue, enter the password "blackberry"

Then everything will come back like new again, like we buy the first time.

How to Reset / Reboot blackberry :

Press the alt key (left) + del (right) + aA (right) three of the same until the blackberries off and will restart itself.
Well so many tips from me, I hope the trick how to reset or format BlackBerry will be useful for you.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for good post

Beta said...

I want to reset many applications on the blackberry which had long been installed. I want to restore the look and performas my blackberry like all, thank you guidance.

Agnes james said...

Thanks for sharing above information.I wanted to Hard reset my BB phone & I was suggested to visit Which helped me to solve my this problem when I needed. here I also found that How I can reset my BB id also if I want to do so. Hope it would help you also. So you should try this also.

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