ImTranslator, Firefox Addons For Foreign Language Translation

You are often "associated" with the foreign language and need a software to translate foreign languages such as bahasa (English), French, Italian, Spanish, etc. to Indonesian or vice versa, you can try ImTranslator.

ImTranslator to translate in real time more than 40 languages. What is interesting from the firefox addons are able to "read" text or web pages you choose. Requirement is already installed on your computer equipped with sound cards and speakers. So, with this ImTranslator You can learn a foreign language as well as how to pronunciation.

ImTranslator You can use this as an alternative to this bookmarklet as a software translator.

Download: /

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rashid1891 said...

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Kathy said...

I use ImTranslator plug-in all the time and I'm very happy with it. Because of the extra tools - onscreen keyboard, speller, TTS and email - it saves time, since you can do all of your tasks in all place. Plus, I like using the back translation which allows me to adjust the text to get a more accurate translation. One of the best free translator. Better than Google.

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