login multiple accounts in single browser

If you have multiple accounts from services like Gmail or Twitter and you are using Firefox, you can only login using a username just in the same time. Multifox is a Firefox extension that allows Firefox to connect to a website using a different username. So if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can open all your Gmail account simultaneously. Each window Firefox will be able to access any account without disturbing each other.

Here are some features of Multifox:

* Log will be stored in the same manner as ordinary window, even when you close the window or exit from Firefox.
* Profile and identity of each window is stored and can be used when Firefox is reopened.
* A new window that opens will have the same profile as the identity of their original window is opened.
* Multifox ranging from 2, because 1 is considered as a normal Firefox profile identity.

If you think this extension can help you, then you should immediately get it.

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