Service-Based TCP / IP

The following services are provided by the Internet based on TCP / IP: 

1. WWW (World Wide Web) This service is a service that we often use. WWW Service uses a protocol called HTTP protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol). WWW is part of the Internet is experiencing rapid growth today, which consists of client computers (users) and servers that store various data or document that is multimedia.
2.   File Transfer (Shipping File) FTP this allows us to send or receive files to or from a network computer. Therefore, data security issues, FTP often requires a specific username and password, although many can also FTP server through anonymous (normal user and no password, password request can be filled with email addresses).

3.   Remote Login (Telnet) Telnet allows a computer user can log into a computer on the network. When we do telnet, indirectly we have become a legitimate user of that computer.

4.   Electronic Mail (email) service used to send and receive email. Used for mail delivery protocol SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and for reading e-mail use POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3).

5.   NFS (Network File System) An access service remote files that allow clients to access files on remote network.

6.   Name Server List the name of the address used on the internet to explain the original host internet address (the IP number of machine).

7.  Execution Enables computer users to run a program on another computer.

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