Winstep Nexus, Docking System for Windows

Computer users who use many applications at work often face difficulties, because to run an application and switch from one application to another is tedious. To simplify things, they could use additional interface Dock. Docking is an additional interface that provides an easy way to run and switch between multiple applications with ease.

Winstep Nexus is an excellent docking system, but currently only available for Windows operating systems only. Nexus is the Dock which makes working with multiple applications becomes very easy, and even feel more comfortable. We can access the applications, folders, and documents that often we use them with just a click away. Nexus is available in two versions, namely Winstep Nexus (free) and Nexus Ultimate.

Here are some features of Winstep Nexus:

* Displays a list of applications currently in use in the Dock that can be arranged with the grouping, filtering, and icon customization.
* Display system tray icon in the Dock as an individual or group.
* Securities vague and interesting color effects on the background of the Dock.
* Monitor active connections and bandwidth usage by the Net Meter module
* Some mouse over effects, such as zoom, swing, bounce, and so forth.

There are still many features of Winstep Nexus that has not been mentioned above. To learn more, would be better if you immediately try it out. You can download Winstep Nexus on his official website

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