Need for speed hot pursuit cd key

Criterion Games Studios has been able to prove that they are able to create a game genre "arcade-racing" with the Burnout series. By focusing on illegal racing and police chase, Criterion trying to present Need For Speed series with his trademark over the years.

In Hot Pursuit of our cars will be equipped with 4 pieces of weapons, both as Racer as well as police. If we're acting as "the good guy", then we will be able to use some weapons, namely Road Block, Helicopter Support, EMP until Spike Strip. If we are successful attack on the target, then our opponent's car was losing control of their car. By enabling this feature is the rear of the car will issue a "spike strip", if the opponent car hit by this attack then they will suffer severe damage and loss of control for some time.

Meanwhile, other features, namely Jammer, are a very useful feature if you're desperate. By enabling this feature, then we can disable the weapons on the opponent's car for some time. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is still a game that was themed "Arcade" Racing, but the developers successfully combines arcade elements with a few elements of simulation that produces fairly good control.

Criterion managed to bring the sounds are pretty perfect in the game Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. The vote of each car sounds quite typical and quite realistic. If we're acting as police, we can also listen to the radio communication through a pretty assist us in tracking our enemies. Sounds Effect in this game also sounds pretty good, like the sound of thunder and others. Soundtrack chosen by the developers also can add enough time doing our adrenaline racing.

I really liked this game that I installed a few weeks ago. By using the Need for speed hot pursuit cd key I can play with satisfaction and discover new ride in playing Arcade games.

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