Speed Up Windows Startup

How long did you wait when you first turn on the computer to go into the desktop display on the screen? Is there any need to wait until about two minutes or even more? Although we can hardly wait, but if this should happen every time we turn on the computer, let alone the need for immediate use. I think we not going too impatient.

The length of time, usually because of too many applications that participate in the startup process. This can happen because of our habit to install an application without reading the instructions and pay attention during the install process. Why? Because of the potential on display at step setup wizard install you unknowingly clicking on the "Yes" when asked whether to include a program on startup position.

In this article will explain about the startup configuration in Windows to boot time, only certain programs that come loaded on the startup process. To find out which applications are involved in start-ups can be seen through the startup folder and then to delete it. But to be certain to also through the system configuration. Here are the steps:

- Click the Start menu -> Run
- Type msconfig and click OK
- Box will appear the System Configuration Utility. On the General tab choose Selective Startup.


  • Then click the Startup tab. There are several options a few applications that are allowed to participate in the startup. Eliminate your check box to disable from startup.

  • Then click the Service tab. You must be careful and understand well in doing your settings in this tab. Because here many XP systems are shown. Do not get off the wrong item.
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  • For more safe click on the Hide All Microsoft Services box. Afterthat will be shown several items of applications in XP system. Uphere you can remove you at the check box.
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Click OK. To be able to see the results click Restart.


- Tips are only for Windows XP Professional.
- Images displayed in the example is the System ConfigurationUtility from the Windows XP ProfessionalService Pack 3.

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