AVG Antivirus Latest Update

Who does not know AVG, an antivirus application known for its reliability remove viruses that attack computers. But, like other anti-virus, AVG must be constantly updated virus data or applications enhancements for his supernatural powers we do not miss your antivirus program by following virus growth of increasingly sophisticated computer technology.

We often know of updating the program with updated terms. Without spending a lot of time, with AVG antivirus software update we will have a new protector. Then, how do I update the latest AVG to always powerful to destroy the virus? Let us follow the steps.

Direct Online update

If your computer is connected directly to the Internet (online), then the way the latest AVG update was very easy. AVG antivirus application that has been embedded in your computer will periodically and automatically check directly to the official website of AVG to see if there are any updates tebaru or not.

When available, the application will update itself automatically. You do not have to worry about this process, because it usually only takes a minute to connect that downloaded the update file was not how big.

However, this update process will be long if you find that your AVG anti-virus application has not been updated. The reason is because the file will be downloaded from the site is a complete file from AVG since you have not been updated until the present time, this is for applications that you use updated perfectly.

There are other ways to update a little manual, which you right-click the AVG icon is small at the bottom right of your monitor screen, then select "Update Now" or "Update Now". AVG Antivirus will then automatically check to the official website.

Offline update

You can update your antivirus application AVG to download it first from the internet, after that then put into the program. This is chosen when you want to have a copy or copy files and update AVG, so you can store it in the flash to be used to other computers, or for AVG updates at any time if your computer is reinstalled.

How, go the official site in AVG, then click "Support Center" or "Support Center" in English. This menu at the top a bit left. Then click "Download" or "Download". Then select the "Update" or "Updates" in the left bar. Please click and save you the latest update file into your computer.

The next step to open your AVG application by clicking its icon twice. Select the "Tools" or "Tools", then click "Update from directory" or "Update from directory". Navigate to the folder where you saved the update file that was downloaded earlier. It's finished, your AVG program has been updated!

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