The easy way to display the music player on facebook

Have you heard the music facebook? That is, the music featured in your facebook. Music is one of the preferred entertainment almost everyone. In fact, music can also be a transmitter of the content of the liver. So no wonder, if someone in a state of love or sorrow, love to sing karaoke fun with music that convey the contents of his heart.

Up, in addition to functioning as a place to tell the content of the liver through the state, also to show music videos. So he became music facebook. That is, disclosure of the contents of the liver not only by status, but also through music facebook.

Featured Music up

To display the facebook music can be done in two ways. This is a common and easiest way. With records, you should have a facebook account.

1. You open the site If you do not already have a youtube account, immediately to register your account and activated it via email and login on the website youtube.

If you already have a youtube account, you can find what song you wish to upload on facebook. For example, you want to upload a new song titled Teuku Vishnu "He who I want. " Then type in the empty field beside the song title search, and then you click search. Will come out a video clip of the song Teuku Vishnu. Then you just select which ones you want to upload.

If it is found, then click the logo on the share, it will come out facebook logo. Then click and will exit the new window whose contents, if you really want to display it on your facebook, then click share. And the music will appear on your facebook, means that a video clip of the song will be uploaded. So there music into your facebook music.

2. In addition to the above, you can also do any other way. You go to youtube. Of course, you are logged. Then open your facebook account, then open the link. Copy the url and place it on the blank column that appears after you open the link earlier. Usually, will be written http://.

Then you fill out either by copying the url in copy from youtube or you type it. Then click attach. Then will come the music video on your facebook.

Facebook music displays make it easy enough! So not only you who listen to the song, someone else also. In fact, when you find the latest video clips and want to share to your friends can also be done with salag one of the two ways above.

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