How to Protect PDF files without Software

If you frequently use PDF files for various purposes you may never have to protect PDF files, Adobe's powerful encryption tool built into a professional PDF creation software, but software is expensive, and from most people are reluctant to buy Adobe.

In a world where there is an online application for almost any task, especially related to PDF, encrypt PDF file with a secure password is very easy without requiring you to buy Adobe. PDFProtect can protect documents in seconds. If you want to protect PDF files you can use the online tools.

Simply choose your PDF file that you want to protect the Browse box and you type the password up to you and select the Encryption Strength that you want is available two options low and high.

Then click the Protect button and wait to upload your PDF files in seconds, you will be prompted to save the new PDF which is encrypted.

If you want to protect pdf files you can directly go to this site:

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pdf copy protection said...

A good way to backup those files and preserve one’s choice. Why risk losing e-books if the reader goes bad and you don’t want to buy another one or worse yet have no choice because it won’t work on another brand of reader? Why risk having a provider wrongly “take back” something you paid for? It is also annoying to have bought a document, only to find that you have to enter some incomprehensible, non-changeable password every time you want to read from it.

PDF File Protection said...


What a beautiful comment! very informative for knowing about pdf copy protection. Once again thanks for the content...

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