How to Record Video Streaming

Most video streaming broadcast on the Internet can not be recorded due to various technical reasons. You are doing streaming video recording is certainly intended to return later to view movie trailers or impressions otahraga you just see via the Internet, so you no longer need to fear losing the movie files from the Internet because you've recorded it in the hard drive You.

To perform these activities with results and good picture quality without being influenced by the shape of the monitor and so on only one software tool that is suitable for this job, namely HyperCam (not included on the CD because the licensed shareware, but you can download at / downloads/HC2Setup.exe for free version).

This tool is actually intended to make a video tutorial or presentation software, but this tool can also be used for other hat as do the capture of video streaming for example. You can use the free version without fear of any features that are omitted, all functions like a full versionnya but with a certain time limit. A bit inconvenient is this HyperCam require high computer specs, at least you set up a PC with 2 GHz processor and 512 MB memory higher the better. If you impose, chances are you will feel your computer will run very slow and most likely will stop working or "hang".

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Rose Ector said...

Recording streaming videos on the internet can be done in just three clicks. I, myself have posted several 3-minute films for my class in Art appreciation, and I got merits for each.

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