How to reset BIOS password from Windows

Sometimes a few users to lock the BIOS to secure from unwantedactions such as locking the USB because there is essentially BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System, a computer system IBM PC (computer based on Intel's x86 family ofprocessors) refers to a collection of software routines who can dothe following things:

1. Initialization (ignition) and the testing of the hardware (in aprocess called the Power On Self Test, POST)
2. Load and run the operating system
3. Set some basic configuration of the computer (date, time,storage configuration, the configuration of the boot process,performance, and stability of your computer)
4. Helps operating systems and applications in the process of hardware settings using the BIOS Runtime Services.

BIOS provides a low-level communication interface, and can control many types of hardware (like keyboards). Because of its proximity to the hardware, the BIOS is generally made by using assembly language (assembly) used by the machine in question.

If you already know what your minds when you suddenly forget yourBIOS password inevitably you have to reset the BIOS password isthere some way to do that but I will tell fairly easyway for how to reset BIOS password from Windows.

With CMOS De-Animator is a utility that allows you to cancel theCMOS checksum of your system memory, reset all settings todefault and clearing any saved BIOS password (if any) at the time of re-boot. The main advantage of this utility is, that it can work under every Windows operating system, and no administrator rights needed! This utility does not have a GUI - just a confirmation message to start or come out, this utility is very portable, noinstallation required.
CMOS De-Animator

CMOS De-Animator

Simply run you'll see information as above and click OK to restartand start resetting your BIOS without you need the passwordagain.

NOTE: Some antivirus tools will be detected as a threat (trojan,malware, pipettes, downloader) because the tool is able to bypass the BIOS password protected.
Download the CMOS-DE-Animator this to reset the BIOS password from Windows

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