How to transfer music files from iPod, iPhone to PC

If you have an iPhone or iPod maybe you will definitely save your favorite music into your iPod Below is a list of powerful tools and easy to transfer music files from iPod to PC for free. Most beginners will find it difficult to use iTunes and transfer music from iPod to PC, check out the list below and begin to copy music easily.

1. Sharepod

Of the applications that require dot net framework to run it. Transfer music from iPhone to PC and vice versa. You can also create backups of the iPhone and the searching of existing music and video.

Download Sharepod

2. Tansee

Other applications free transfer music, backup music and videos on your iPhone to your PC, copy all your music and video to the new iPhone and have many exciting new features.

Download Tansee

3. iCopyExpert

When your computer suddenly crashes, your hard disk error, or other problems occur on your computer, you will lose all your favorite music, your playlists, iCopyExpert can do this for you. copy music and videos you can safely use one of these iPod app.

Download iCopyExpert

4. iCopybot

Another good software to transfer music from iPod & iPhone to Computer. And this app can run on Macs and Windows machines.

Download iCopybot

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