Managing multiple WordPress blogs in a single dashboard

Most of the bloggers using wordpress platform may have more than one WordPress blog. If you have more than one WordPress blog, then managing them is no easy task especially if you receive a comment too much or want to make a posting. ManageWP is a new service that allows you to manage multiple WordPress blogs hosted on a single dashboard so this is something good to manage multiple WordPress blogs on one dashboard.

The new solution combines just different WordPress blog into one common dashboard, so you can manage it easily without having to log into each one. Its use is very simple, sign up for an account on ManageWP and download their plugins Workers. Install the plugin on to all the blogs that you want to manage using ManageWP. Once installed, all the blogs you will go to the central dashboard.


Central ManageWP the dashboard allows you to:

- Write Individual posts to one of your blog that you add
- Create a category for each blog
- Upload new themes and plugins
- Manage different site, manage comments and many other features

ManageWP also plans themselves become self-hosted version of the tool which will soon be released at a later date. ManageWP still in beta, but the service is very good especially if you have multiple blogs.

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