How to convert image to text

What is meant convert image to text here is to convert the image that contain text (can be PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF or BMP) into a text or writing that can be processed or edited again. Tools commonly used to convert the text in the form of this image is the OCR scanner that cost quite expensive. Unlike an ordinary scannercan only scan an image, or text and then saved in JPG, GIF, TIFFor BMP, this OCR Scanners can directly translate the results of the scan into text. Of course this will help us if you want to retype the article or text that has been finished. This means we no longer need to type one by one word for word, but after being scanned directly into the text and in the edit.

Here we will not discuss these issues OCR scanner, but will discuss ways that, without any OCR scanner we are still able to convert scanned images of text into text. For that we go first to the address Once inside, search for files to be converted (the maximum size of 2 mb) by pressing the "browse". Then select the appropriate language to writing the image to be converted. Enter the captcha code and press the send file. So the results of the text will be displayed. Next copy and paste it in MS Word or other word processing programs. Done.

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free ocr tolls to convert from pdf ot image to text or word

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