Flash Disk / USB Drive not detected

Maybe we never experienced anything like the above title. When the flash is plugged in, sign a usb drive on the taskbar also appears, but when we opened the windows explorer was the flash does not show up or not detected.

Perhaps the method below can help to solve flash shobat not detected:
  • Changing
  • the flash to be enabled.
  • Flash not detected could be because the flash is in a state of disabled. To make the flash is so enabled, it can be done through device manager.
  • After the flash is plugged in, open the device manager. To open the device manager there are several ways. The first way to right-click [MyComputer]> [Properties]> select the [Hardware]> [device manager]. The second way is to right click [mycomputer]> [manage]> [Device Manager].
  • Once the device manager window appears, click the [+] in the [disk drives].
  • Then will come the disk that is being installed computer, both hard drives and flash. If the flash drives have a red cross sign, it means the flash is in a state of disabled. To change this done right click on usb flash drive and then select [enable].

  • click [change]. In the window that appears change the drive letter to an unused letter. Click [OK], click [OK]

Now open windows explorer, flash comes with a different letter of the previous path.

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